Pets Rainbow Bridge.


Pet-First-Aid and Pets' Rainbow Bridge:


Pets' Rainbow Bridge is a community interest company which I set up to provide a much-needed service to pet owners.


Pet bereavment is an aspect of pet ownershiop that none of us wants to think about until it is upon us, but it it the most difficult aspect of loving and inviting a pet into our family. Pets' Rainbow Bridge provides free, caring and impartial advice and information about pet funerals - cremation and burials - and offers pet bereavment counselling to pet owners and advice to pet care professionals.


How does this fit in with Pet First Aid? Well, to ensure that Pets' Rainbow Bridge can remain free to access for everyone that needs it, Pet First Aid donates money to help pay for the bereavement work of Pets' Rainbow Bridge.


Therefore, everyone that pays for their place on one of our accredited pet first aid courses, not only receives an accredited Pet First Aid certificate, but they have also helped us to continue the pet loss work that we provide, and help owners in their time of need.


For more information about our pet funeral advice and information service, please visit our Pets' Rainbow Bridge website HERE.





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